Sun-seekers will marvel at the celebrated Ibizan sunset to a backdrop of Inca-inspired vibe while enjoying exquisite cocktails on the Sunset Terrace – and chances are you may also catch a glimpse of pink flamingos gracefully taking off.

We make cocktails with our infused spirits or homemade syrups – which take almost a week to prepare. Our secret formulas include cherry-picked fresh products, a specific maceration time and great passion. We apply the latest techniques to secret grandmother recipes.

The philosophy of the bar menu is to convey the history, tradition and nature of Peru through its traditional ingredients and beverages combined with local Ibizan products. The array of flavours embraces Peru’s nature in its entirety and captures the four elements air, fire, earth and water. These, in turn, make the cocktails into a unique visual and sensorial experience. Coricancha, a journey into ancient flavours. From sunset to moonrise.