After the sun sinks beyond the horizon, guests make their way to the evocative Moonlight Garden to enjoy the latest dining experience.

The restaurant menu cleverly combines traditional elements of Peruvian and Japanese cooking with contemporary international influences. Dishes that originated in Peru in the pre-Columbian era such as the traditional ceviche (diced raw seafood), tiraditos (sliced raw fish), and the anticuchos (grilled skewers of fish, meat and vegetables) are just some of the delicacies bound to tempt your appetite. The original flavours, ingredients and culinary methods of a secular and mutli-cultural cuisine – dating back to Peru’s indigenous populations – are artfully blended with innovative techniques.

The Peruvian-Japanese Nikkei cuisine – which has literally swept the globe as a gastronomic sensation hitting the capitals of the world – will pin Coricancha on the global culinary map. Coricancha, a journey into ancient flavours. From sunset to moonrise.