Blue Marlin Ibiza Group has come up with the ultimate dining hotspot in Ibiza – Coricancha Nikkei Restaurant & Lounge Bar 

Coricancha means Temple of the Sun, the place to worship the Sun God and the centrepiece of the Inca Empire. Sun worship is nearly as old as mankind itself and on the White Isle the glorious sun shines for more than 300 days a year. Coricancha is your ultimate sun temple, the last symbol of energy and strength, a modern Nikkei restaurant – the Japanese-Peruvian culinary sensation – situated in a picturesque detached finca on your way to Las Salinas beach, on the southern tip of the island.

At Coricancha sun-seekers will marvel at the celebrated Ibizan sunset to a backdrop of Inca-inspired vibe while enjoying exquisite cocktails on the Sunset Terrace – and chances are you may also catch a glimpse of pink flamingos gracefully taking off. The bar specialises in international cocktails and boasts supreme Champagne and wine lists.

We make cocktails with our infused spirits or homemade syrups – which take almost a week to prepare. Our secret formulas include cherry-picked fresh products, a specific maceration time and great passion. We apply the latest techniques to secret grandmother recipes. You will be simply spoilt for choice…and taste.

Our cocktails are a visual and sensory experience into the history, tradition and wildlife of Peru, a journey into the four elements of nature. Air: light, fresh, oxygen, floral; Water: salt, musky, grassy, raindrop; Earth: woody, terroir, stone, leafy; Fire: seasoning spice, piquancy, aromatic, smoky. These are just some examples of what the cocktail menu comprises:

Home Sangria + Punch is a homemade twist on traditional Peruvian flavours such as Chicha Morada, Chicha de Jora and Emoliente.

Dry Ice Cremolada recreates the street vendor theme of Peruvian cities with different slushy/frozen flavours served as a non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverage, either sipped from a coloured straw or eaten with a wooden spoon.

P+T is a Peruvian twist on the Gin & Tonic cult with a home infused Pisco capturing the local natural products of Ibiza. An array of flavours such as herbal, citrus, fruity and floral.

At 10pm, after the sun sinks beyond the horizon, guests make their way to the evocative Moonlight Garden to enjoy the latest dining experience. The restaurant menu cleverly combines traditional elements of Peruvian cooking with contemporary international influences. Dishes that originated in Peru in the pre-Columbian era such as the traditional ceviche (diced raw seafood), tiraditos (sliced raw fish), and the anticuchos (grilled skewers of fish, meat and vegetables) are just some of the delicacies bound to tempt your appetite.

The original flavours, ingredients and culinary methods of a secular and mutli-cultural cuisine – dating back to Peru’s indigenous populations – are artfully blended with innovative techniques. The Peruvian-Japanese Nikkei cuisine – which has literally swept the globe as the gastronomic sensation par excellence, hitting the capitals of the world – will pin Coricancha on the global culinary map. Coricancha, your chance to be sun-kissed…and moonstruck. Enjoy!